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Tags: observation, probability

When I was in high school, I never liked Probability. I used to think, why be so indecisive so as to involve probability. So, for that reason, I completely ignored probability (and statistics) sections in maths.

After I was done with school, and due to my interest in Computer Science, I bought the book Introduction to Algorithms on the recommendation of a friend (or a great friend). I disliked seeing probability in that book, but I just decided to read it. And thanks to that book, I understood the importance of probability in solving problems. And so I gave up my anti-probability stance.

Now few days ago, not sure when exactly, I suddenly become conscious (for reason unknown to me) of what I was writing. Usually, I try to use correct grammar (to my knowledge), and spellings, but this time I became conscious of the words that I’m just writing subconsciously (or more like habitually) even though I didn’t quite mean them. “Probably” was one such word, using it like “We should probably implement this”, when I wanted to say “We should implement this”. Or, “I’ll probably have lunch now”, when I meant to say, “I’ll have lunch now”.

So after becoming aware of this, I concluded that I’m becoming subconsciously indecisive, which does not sound great, so I’m probably going back to my anti-probability stance, albeit a toned-down version this time. ๐Ÿ˜‰