Hello, world!

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I recently received this .blog domain, thanks to work. So, taking this opportunity, and ofcourse being a new year, I am deciding to be less lazy, and do things, rather than just postpone them for eternity. Seeing others accomplish so much, used to make me envious (and anxious) sometimes. Since some time, I have stopped being envious of others, and start to focus on doing things that I want.

Through this blog, I hope to document my journey. I hope I will be able to keep up with this. Unlike my previous blogs, this time I decided to use Hakyll, instead of WordPress. I have no complaints against WordPress, but it is just that WordPress was GNOME/KDE of free software desktop UI for me, and it is now time to switch to Xmonad. :-)

P.S. Many thanks to https://www.rohanjain.in/hakyll-clean-urls/ :)