Golden Green Tea at Chaayos

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure to drink tea at Chaayos. I saw the Starbucks logo, and went in, only to find it that it was Starbucks Chaayos, a tea room/place, not the usual cafe. I’d never heard of it, so decided to give it a shot. I ordered Golden Green Tea. When I drank it, to my surprise, unlike the usual green tea flavour, it had sweet/sour flavours with the green tea. It literally made my day. Immeditately, I started guessing what could they have used. My first guess was gooseberry, and honey. Although, since I haven’t had gooseberry in ages, I could not exactly recall its taste. Next guess, honey, and lemon, but no way to confirm. I tried looking for its recipe, or ingredients online, but there was not much information. So instead of wasting more time, I decided to “just do it already” ;-).

To my delight, it is exactly, green tea, lemon, and honey. And what else to say, I loved it.